2008. május 12., hétfő

Firkáljatok: Sex Majom New York

Nem csak King Kong jár csajozni New York-ba

Marlene McCarty came to prominence in the early 1990s through her explorations of sexuality and obscenity via textual renderings on canvas. In recent years, McCarty has assembled portraits of teenaged girls who have killed: usually members of their families, and usually their mothers. In her first show with Brent Sikkema, McCarty presented six large-scale "murals," which were exhibited in the 2003 Istanbul Biennale. These latest works-completed in 2003-continue McCarty's exploration of female adolescent violence as a conflicted site of sexuality and identity.

Hát ez van a magas New Yorkban nekem spec nem jön be a rajztechnikája de ..korativ pl.
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